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Kailash Satyarthi

Founder & Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

Bachpan Bachao Andolan

Q. What does the Peace Nobel mean for the child rights movement in India? 

A. I hope that youngsters and civil society organizations and every Indian will feel proud. It is a noble cause to work for the rights of children. It is a movement against child labour and everyone must join it. 

Q. What's the next level of fight against child trafficking? 

A. I'm not being given this award for my work in India alone. I work in 144 countries. I work in Africa with equal passion, in Latin America with equal passion. I've worked in Pakistan with equal passion. So it is a global fight. But I'm proud that India is where this fight began and it began through me. Then, it spread to other countries. We are born in the land of the Mahatma where solutions are made with peace and non-violence. I've been working 100% through non-violent means. I strongly believe in the principles of peace in all my fight. 

Q. How do you feel after being honoured with this award? 

A. It is a great recognition and honour for millions of children in the world. I hope many more people will join the fight against child slavery. This isn't just about India. It's a global phenomenon. We'll work for this globally. I've been working in 140 countries and my responsibility is with all the world's children. 

Q. Who do you remember the most today? 

A. My mother and father. My mother saw me being attacked. She cried when I left engineering for this cause. She understood my fight, encouraged me. I remember all those who were with me in this struggle, including two colleagues who were killed. Whenever I free children from slavery and take them back to their mothers, the tears of happiness in their eyes are like blessings of God. When I see the faces of liberated children, I find their smile of freedom divine and it gives me divine strength. I never feel I'm liberating them, rather it feels like they're giving me freedom. 

Source: The Times of India




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